Fun and Motivation In The Workplace

Fun and Motivation In The Workplace

October 8, 2018

Smart companies know that good employees become restless when work stops being fun. To increase the motivation and fun in your organization, follow the example set by these successful companies.

Southwest Airlines is famous for encouraging their employees to have fun with their customers and co-workers. They hold contests throughout the year, such as: a Halloween costume contest, chili cook-off, and a newsletter design contest.

Crate and Barrel encourages managers to give their sales associates a “surprise hour off” to walk, exercise, shop, or whatever they would like to do to come back refreshed.

Bank of America sponsors a one-month “Laugh a Day” challenge. Employees try to make co-workers laugh with jokes and cartoons.

Dun and Bradstreet gives “Stress Support Kits” to customer service consultants. The kits contain chewing gum, aspirin, a comedy cassette, wind-up toys, and a rubber ball for squeezing during stressful moments.

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