Self-Esteem At Work

Self-Esteem At Work

June 9, 2016

Whether for yourself or others, working to enhance self-esteem is always worthwhile. Here are five ways to motivate people whose self-esteem is not high:

  1. Set goals with a clear payoff. Provide a payoff and a reward to encourage people to work further.
  2. Don’t blame individuals for problems. Show them how to overcome external problems and help them differentiate the external issues from their own competence.
  3. Be supportive. People need to be part of a team and feel accepted. Create a positive work environment.
  4. Minimize conflicts and ambiguity. These create stress and keep workers from striving for more.
  5. Set goals carefully and give people proper training for tasks.



Source: Self-Esteem and Work, by Dr. Joel Brockner


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