The Best Manager

The Best Manager

July 22, 2020

The following are the top five traits every manager should practice. As a leader, basic necessities such as

organizational and communication skills and an influential personality are given expectations. These are characteristics that too many in power often lack.


1) GO WHERE THEY ARE – A good manager will know that to get the support from his/her workers will require the effort to work WITH them in order to achieve the level of success desired. Expecting someone to be at a level they cannot achieve only decreases employees self-esteem and thus, the morale of the company.

2) KNOW YOUR EMPLOYEES – Allow yourself the opportunity to develop friendships with your co-workers. Invest time in them and loyalty becomes more possible since an emotional connection has been established.

3) BE OBSERVANT – Recognize when conflicts arise. Some people may feel uneasy in the work environment for various reasons and you are ultimately responsible to ensure that they are comfortable.

4) USE COLLABORATIVE APPROACHES – Rather than avoiding a conflict or simply co

mpromising, focus on working together to find a solution where all parties benefit. Compromising doesn’t solve a thing since it is essentially a ‘lose-lose’ situation.

5) BE OPEN-MINDED – And keep your office door open for that matter. Make your employees feel that they can come to you with anything they are concerned about. Let them offer suggestions, and in most cases, allow them opportunities to be involved in the decision-making process.

~ Reprint permission by Jeremy Bennett

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