Why Sales People Fail

Why Sales People Fail

January 14, 2019

Not everyone is a natural salesperson. Salespeople come and go in companies because they will either sink or swim. If you love sales, are able to stay organized, believe in your product and are urgent to make that sale happen, then you’ll do well. The salespeople that are lacking these qualities tend to fail miserably.

Sales people fail for these reasons:


People in sales need to be organized. After all, they are balancing so many “balls in the air” at one time. The goal is to build up your product and meet with potential clients, all while fostering and facilitating good relationships within your company and with customers.

Sales jobs require appointment setting, strategic planning, client meetings and researching the competition that your product is up against. In other words, disorganization will cause you to fail.

There are too many facets to what salespeople do and if you lack being organized, then your business will struggle or not make it over time.

Lack of Urgency

Salespeople that lack urgency will surely fail. If you are not passionate, trying to make the sale at every opportunity, then someone more urgent will come along behind you and make it happen instead. The more urgent the salesperson the more sales they tend to make.

No faith in product

If someone doesn’t believe in their product, then they won’t be able to sell much of it to today’s savvy customers. People will see right through your weak, unsupported and boring sales presentation. You can’t fool people with bad sales techniques. 

Customers want to know they are being sold something of value. When salespeople don’t believe in their product, it shows. 

Lacking drive

A salesperson knows that to make money they have to work hard. If you have a poor or lazy work ethic, then you’ll most likely not succeed in sales. Sales jobs are fantastic, rewarding and can produce lots of income. However, if you are not willing to put the time in because of you are lacking in drive, then you won’t be the salesperson who sees the fruits of their labor.

Salespeople are able to convince people to buy their product. In order to do this, they must believe in the product, stay organized, work hard and show an urgency that exemplifies a caring attitude for their customers. If you want to avoid failing in sales, then adhere to the tips above and you’ll do well. 

~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved

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